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Circular/Orders/Notification परिपत्र/आदेश/अधिसूचना

Circular/Orders/Notification परिपत्र/आदेश/अधिसूचना

Subject विषय Number परिपत्र संख्या Document Type दस्तावेज़ का प्रकार Date दिनांक
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 2021 from 26-10-21 to 01-11-21. F.CEO/Admn./118(04)/2019/PF/000639360/18647-83 Circular 07/10/2021
Re-Publishing the Commission's Disqualification orders of the contesting candidates in the ordinary issue of National Capital Territory of Delhi Gazette-Regarding F.CEO/COE/102(104)/2019/2206-18 Circular 01/02/2021
Travelling Allowance to the employees of Delhi Govt./Central Govt./Autonomous Bodies etc.detailed on Election Duty. CEO/B&A(109)/50/2009-LA/72612-47 Circular 12/12/2019
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week-2019 CEO/Admin/Vig./118/04/2019/61577-616 Circular 14/10/2019
Hindi Version of the ECI main website-reg. 485/24/SD-NW/DIR(ict)/2018 (Comp No. 28570) Circular 08/08/2019
Supreme Court order dated 13th April, 2004- Pre-Certification of Political Advertisement on Electronic Media. CEO/COE/102(13)/2014/25720-25827 Circular 20/09/2018
Status Paper on Electronic Voting Machines: Edition-2 November, 2017-Reg F.2(157)CEO/EVM/Pt.l/2017/21474-89 Circular 21/08/2018
Uploading of affidavits of candidates on the website CEO/COE/102(75)/2018/9736-9828 Circular 23/04/2018
Regarding BLO CEO/Admn/106(24)/BLOs.Corres/2017/37637-37714 Circular 09/11/2017
Advice of Central Vigilance Commission - Action to be taken by concerned Department / Autonomous Bodies - regarding. No. F.CEO/Admn./Vig./DOV-Ref/08/30806-842 Circular 13/09/2017
National Electoral Roll Purification & Authentication Programme(NERPAP)-Collection of Aadhaar Number from the applicants. 23/1/2015(NARPAP)- ERS Circular 13/08/2015
Clarification regarding admissibility of Travelling Allowance to the staff who had attended duties. CEO/ADMN/104(13)/2015/Misc/38862-39109 Circular 15/07/2015
Regarding Standard Operating Procedure for seizure and release of cash and other items. CEO/COE/114(1)/2015/37137-50 Circular 01/07/2015
Regarding Election Duty of BLOs CEO/Admn/104(2)/Cir./2013/Pt.I/7829-58 Circular 17/01/2015
Delivery of EPIC through BNPL Scheme-Re No(103)(S)/Post/EPIC/VREC/CEO/2011-12/1402 Circular 10/06/2014
Delivery of EPIC through Speed Post under BNPL Scheme No(103)/S/Post/EPIC/VREC/CEO/2011-12/30897-31069 Circular 22/05/2014
Standard Operating Procedure for usage of Digital Signature CEO/IT/194/2006-07/30028-30376 Circular 19/05/2014
Fixing of Uniform Rate of Remuneration to the Sector Officers/Officials deployed on Election Duty regarding No.CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/23317-574 Circular 07/04/2014
Period of duty of PrOs & POs clarification No.576/11/94/JS.II Circular 15/11/1994
Addl. Facility for e-filling of affidavit (Form 26) of criminal cases, assets, liabilities and educational qualification by candidates No.3/ER/2014/SDR/Vol-I Circular 19/03/2014
Identification of new State Level e-Gov. Agency- Study by Consultant Agency CEO/IT/KPMG/2012/5320-40 Circular 21/03/2012
Department of Information Technology No.F6(134)/IT/2012-2258 Circular 04/04/2012
Subject विषय Number आदेश संख्या Document Type दस्तावेज़ का प्रकार Date दिनांक
Order dated 8th June 2022 The Rates Of Remuneration Rajinder Nagar F.CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/14686-940 -06/06/2022 Order 06/06/2022
Order dated 8th June 2022 The Rates Of Remuneration Rajinder Nagar F.CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/14941-15141 -06/06/2022 Order 06/06/2022
State Steering Committee on Accessible Elections (SSCAE) in NCT of Delhi CEO/ADPLG/102(46)/2021/26795-824 Order 17/12/2021
Order dated 13th February 2020 of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Contempt petition (C) 2192 of 2018 in WP(C) No. 536 of 2011- Requirement of publishing details regarding candidates with pending criminal cases in Rajya Sabha and State Legislative Council Elections- regarding. CEO/COE/EEM/102967)/DLA-20 /2020/1395-1407 Order 21/01/2021
ORDER CEO/Admin./106(22)/99/ 46775-808 Order 21/10/2020
Supreme court's judgement on the petition regarding requirement of public detils regarding People with Criminal antecedents contesting elections CEO/COE/EEM/102(67)/ DLA-20/2020/44178-89 Order 22/09/2020
Expenditure Management and Rationalization of Expenditure - COVID-19 outbeaks. No.F.CEO/B&A/Misc./109/2016-107 / 43285-385 Order 08/09/2020
Order regarding reconstitution and State Steering Committee on Accessible Election (SSCAE) in NCT of Delhi. CEO/ADPLG/102(40)/P.F./ 40694-722 Order 14/08/2020
Consequent upon this joining in this office as Election Officer w.e.f 07.01.2020 F.CEO/Admin/106(9)/HOO/2016/ 4704-42 Order 08/01/2020
ORDER- Regarding posting of Sh. K.S. Bhoria, (DANICS - 2011) as Consultant(on contractual basis) CEO/Admn/106(19)/HOO/2016/ 73286-323 Order 17/12/2019
CEO/admin./106(27)/Remu/ BLO,Super/ 2019/61688-868 CEO/admin./106(27)/Remu/BLO, Super/2019/61688-868 Order 15/10/2019
General Election to Lok Sabha-2019 - Prohibition on sale of liquor in NCt of Delhi - Dry Days - reg CEO/COE/102(46)/2019/ 31792-812 Order 12/04/2019
Special Driveduring SSR 2018 through house to house visit by BLOs- Notification for extension in period for fling claims and objections File.NO.CEO/COE/102(68)/ 2017 42478 Order 21/12/2017
Order for constitution of committee in pursuance of Section 4 of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace. No. F. CEO/Admn./106(22)/ 99/25828-52 Order 20/09/2018
Transfer/Posting order of Gr.I DASS No.F.CEO/ADMN/106(1)/Gr-1/ 2016/20224-46 Order 20/06/2017
Rates of remuneration to be paid to the staff deployed on Bye-Election to the Delhi Legislative Assembly-2017 for AC-27 (Rajouri Garden) are as under No.CEO/B&A/109(48)/ 2008/13872-82 Order 31/03/2017
Assistant Expenditure Observers and Executive Magistrates(Team in-charge) of Flying Squad No.CEO/B&A/109(48)/ 2008/13893-13913 Order 31/03/2017
Transfer/Posting order of Gr.I DASS- Bye -Election2017reg No.F.CEO/ADMN/106(1)/Gr.I/ 2016/Pt./11012-19 Order 10/03/2017
Transfer/Posting order of Gr.I DASS- Bye -Election2017reg No. F. CEO/ADMN/106(1)/ IASDANICE/ Pt./2012/10/62-73 Order 10/03/2017
Transfer/Posting Order of Gr.I(DASS) Officers No.F.CEO/ADMN/106(1)/ Gr.I/2016/ pt/34-94 Order 03/03/2017
Judgment dated 02-01-2017 of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in CA Nos. 37 of 1992 and CA no. 8339 of 1995 (Abhiram Singh Vs C D Commachen & Ors)- Seeking Votes in the name of religion,caste, etc. No.CEO/CEO/114/(3)/ 2016/ 5760-6176 Order 09/02/2017
Creation of 04 (four) posts on regular basis No.F.CEO/Admn./ 106(22)/2015 40 44-57 Order 30/01/2017
Transfer/Posting order of Gr. II (DASS) No.F.CEO/ADMN/ 106(17)/Gr.II/ 2015/Pt./2119-2167 Order 13/01/2017
Taken on the strength of Sh. Ajay Kumar, Assistant Director(plg./Stat)-Corrigendum No.F.CEO/ADMN/ 106(2)/AdDANICS /12/33225-67 Order 02/12/2016
List of form 6,7&8 found Survived after destruction made by heavy rain water in 2010 year 2008 ofAC 13(Rohini) Delhi in Compliance with Order Passed by C.I.C wide Order No. CIC/CC/C/2015/000173-SA in the matter of Dharmpal Bhardwaj Vs.P/o Dy. Commissioner (Kanjhawala) No.F.CEO/RTI/106 /Misc/Vol-II/ 2016/3234-50 Order 25/11/2016
Nomination of Public Grievance Redressal Officer (PGRO) of CEO Delhi No.F.CEO/ADMN/ 106/(9/HOO/2016) /31051-31160 Order 16/11/2016
Transfer Posting order of Gr. III(DASS) and IV No.F.CEO/ADMN/ 106(15)/ Gr.IV/2016/Pt Order 28/10/2016
Transfer/Posting order of Gr. III (DASS) No.F.CEO/ADMN/ 106(4)/ Gr.III/2016/28898-914 Order 26/10/2016
Special Summary Revision of photo Electoral Rolls w.r.t. 01/01/2017 in NCT of Delhi. No. F.2(126)/CEO/ ER/ SR/2016/21883-22054 Order 17/08/2016
Nomination of Public Grievance Redressal Officer (PGRO) of CEO Delhi No.F.CEO/ADMN/106 (9/HOO/2016/16472-581) Order 20/06/2016
Work distribution order No. F.CEO/Admin./106(9)/ HOO/2016/10227-66 Order 19/04/2016
Consequent Upon The Promotion To The Post Of Grade-I(DASS) Superindentents No.F.CEO/ADMN/106(17)/ Gr.II/2015/pt. 8724-8734 Order 31/03/2016
Consequent Upon The Joning As Grade-I(DASS) No.F.CEO/ADMN/106(17)/Gr.II/ 2015/pt. 8739-48 Order 31/03/2016
Consequent Upon The Promotion To The Post Of Grade-I(DASS) Superindentents No.F.CEO/ADMN/106(17)/Gr.II/ 2015/pt. 8535-44 Order 30/03/2016
Transfer/Posting Grade-4(DASS) CEO/ADMN/106(4)/Gr. III/Pt.III/ 2016/2658-74 Order 16/03/2016
BLO & Supervisor Remuneration Order for NERPAP F.CEO/Admin/106(7)/Remuneration/ 2015/33/27-33314 Order 22/05/2015
Nodal Officer for SVEEP activities (Corrigendum) F.50/CEO/SVEEP/2013/ 51098-51141 Order 03/11/2015
Transfet/Posting Grade-1(DASS) Superindentents CEO/Admin/106(3)/Gr. 1/pt.III/ 12/49010-51 Order 13/10/2015
Transfer/Posting of Officers F.CEO/Admin/106(2)/adDANICS/pt/ 12/47670-47711 Order 05/10/2015
Reference Election Commission of India's communication, regarding making payment of remuneration @ Rs. 2500/- to a BLO and Rs. 5000/- to a Supervisor for the National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication programme. CEO/Admin/106(7)/Remuneration/2015/ 33/27-33314 Order 22/05/2015
In Pursuance of Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs' F.CEO/Admin/110(23)/2014/ 22580-609 Order 13/03/2015
General Election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi,2015- Use of EVMs-reg. CEO/COE/102(21)/2015/ 25517-18 Order 13/03/2015
Arrangement of names of the candidates on the Ballot Paper and the Ballot Unit of Electronic Voting Machine - Clarification-reg CEO/COE/102(12)/2015/ 25148-25245 Order 11/03/2015
Permission is hereby granted for vehicle No. HR-20-F-8131(Toyata Qualis) to be used as vehicle of star campigning in the Delhi Assembly Election 2015 CEO/MCC/GAE-2015/ 3876-3892 Order 04/02/2015
Assistant Expenditure Observers and Executive Magistrates of Flying Squad CEO/Admn./104/02/201504(06)/ Misc./2015/Pt-II/20141-428 Order 04/02/2015
The rate of remuneration for Sector Officer,Master Trainer CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/ DLA-2015/17688-978 Order 30/01/2015
The rate of remuneration for polling & Counting Persons CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/ DLA-2015/17399-688 Order 30/01/2015
The rate of remuneration for Video Surveillance,Micro Observer, Income Tax Inspector CEO/B&A/109(48)/2008/DAL-2015/ 17979-18268 Order 30/01/2015
Transfer Posting of DASS Gr.I F.CEO/Admn//104(19)Cells/ 2014/8243-68 Order 18/01/2015
Transfer Posting of DASS Gr.I CEO/Admn/104(19)/Cells/ 2014/7867-82 Order 17/01/2015
Work Allocation Order F.CEO/Admn/104(19)/Cells/ 2014/5601-70 Order 16/01/2015
Permission for usage of Vahicle by Aam Aadmi Party F.5/CEO/MCC/GAE-2015/46 Order 16/01/2015
General Election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi,2015- Instructions regarding SINGLE WINDOW SYSTEM for Public Meetings/Rallies/Processions,use of Loudspeakers and use of vehicles for election campaigning as well as use of non-commercial/remote/uncontrolled airports/helipads. CEO/CEO/112(1)/2015/ 2464-2570 Order 12/01/2015
Transfer/Posting Order of AdHoc DANICS Prob.-Delhi Assembly Election 2015 regarding CEO/Admn/106(9)/Services/Pt.ll/ 2012/2937-75 Order 13/01/2015
Transfer/Posting Order of Gr.III DASS F.CEO/Admn//106(6)/Gr.IV/Pt-II/ 12/49703-16 Order 12/12/2014
Transfer/Posting Order of Gr.III DASS F.CEO/Admn//106(6)/Gr.IV/Pt-II/ 12/48367-95 Order 19/11/2014
Transfer/Posting of Gr.I DASS F.CEO/Admn//106(3)/Gr.I/Pt-III/ 12/47999-48019 Order 12/11/2014
Transfer/Posting of Sh. Radhey Shyam Gr.I(DASS) F.CEO/Admn/106(3)/Gr.I/Pt-III/ 12/47986-98 Order 12/11/2014
Transfer/Posting Order of AdHoc DANICS CEO/Admn./106(2)/AdDANICS/ Pt.12/363-382 Order 05/11/2014
Transfer Order of AERO AC-24 Patel Nagar F.CEO/Admn//106(3)/Gr.I/ Pt-III/12/43093-43105 Order 14/10/2014
Taken on Strength Order of Gr. I DASS Officers F.CEO/Admn//106(3)/Gr.I/ Pt-IV/12/43841-57 Order 17/10/2014
Taken on Strength Order of Gr.I Dass Officers F.CEO/Admn//106(3)/Gr.I/ Pt-I/12/43858-79 Order 17/10/2014
Transfer Order of SDMs (Election) CEO/Admn./106(2)/AdDANICS/ 12/38220-57 Order 19/08/2014
Permanent Commissioning of Complaint Control Room & Cell Centre at CEO, Delhi Office CEO/IT/Election Control Room/ 2014/33473-640 Order 23/06/2014
Releiving Order of Sh. Neeraj Bharti (Addl. CEO) F.CEO/Admn/106(1)/IAS-DANICS/ 12/32522-76 Order 11/06/2014
Delivery of EPIC through Speed Post F(103)/S/Post/EPIC/VREC/CEO/ 2011-12/16-24 Order 01/01/2014
Transfer Posting of AEROs F.CEO/Admn/106(3)/Gr.I/pt.III/ 12/31978-89 Order 04/06/2014
Relieving Order of Sh. Sanjiv Kumar Suptn (Admin) No.F.CEO/Admn/106(3)/Gr.I/pt./ 12/31952-60 Order 04/06/2014
Transfer Posting of AEROs No.CEO/Admin./104/(8)/2004/GE/ 31075-86 Order 04/06/2014
Nodal Officer No.CEO/Admn./104(8)/2014//GE/ 31075-86 Order 22/05/2014
Transfer Order of Sh. Rajesh Kumar Yadav Gr-I DASS No.F.CEO/Admn/106(3)Gr.I/Pt.III/ 12/32428-43 Order 11/06/2014
Transfer Posting of O/o CEO Officials No.F.CEO/Admn./106(11)/Misc-HQ/ pt/12/31872-84 Order 03/06/2014
Transfer Posing of SDMs (Elecion) No.F.CEO/Admn/106(2)/AdDANICS/ 12/32477-521 Order 11/06/2014
State Public Information Officer F.CEO/Admin./106(17)/2005/ 27004-27310 Order 25/04/2014
AAP CENSURED regarding F.No.DEO/NDD/LS-Election/ 2014/1218 Order 03/04/2014
Travel by Air-General Election 2014 regarding N0.464/INST/2014-EPS Order 19/03/2014
Uploading the Day to Day A/c Register of Candidate on DEO/CEO Website- General Election to Lok Sabha Regarding F.PA/JtCEO/EEM/Misc/2014/ 1134-1142 Order 27/03/2014
Corrigendum regarding posting of AERO of AC-16 No.F/CEO/Admn/106(3)/Gr.I/ pt.III/12/19347-58 Order 26/03/2014
Regarding Training Film on EVM No.590/NFDC/Trg./2013 Order 11/03/2014
Taken on Strength Order of Supdnt(Admin) No.F.CEO/Admn/106(3)/Gr.I/ pt.I/12/14973-87 Order 14/03/2014
Instruction regarding Single Window System for Public Meetings/Rallies/Processions, Loudspeeker and use of vehicels for electon campaigning as well as use of non-commercial/remote/uncontrolled airports/helipads. PA/Jt.CEO/EEM/2014/965-982 Order 07/03/2014
Reliving Order of Sh. Shurbir Singh, IAS/Special Chief Electoral Officer F.CEO/Admn/106(1)/IAS-DANICS/ 2012/7801-7840 Order 21/02/2014
Reliving Order of Sh. Daljeet Singh, AERO, AC-64 F.CEO/ADMN/106(3)/Gr.I/pt.III/ 12/7887-7906 Order 21/02/2014
Frequent Transfer/posting of Officers/Officials F.CEO/ADMN/106(11)/HQ/Pt./12/ 1013-187 Order 07/01/2014
Delhi Assembly Election-2013-Travelling Allowance to the employes of Delhi Govt No.F20/19/2013/AC/USfa/ 305-308 Order 22/10/2013
Pursuance of Service Department No.F.CEO/Admin./106(3)/ Gr.I/Pt./5639-61 Order 30/03/2012
Pursuance of Service Department No.F.CEO/Admn./106(5)/ Gr.I/Pt./5662-71 Order 30/03/2012
Subject विषय Number अधिसूचना संख्या Document Type दस्तावेज़ का प्रकार Date दिनांक
Commission's Amending Notification No.56/2019(IV)/PPS-III dated 30-09-2020 CEO/COE/102(39)/2019/47358-69 Notification 26/10/2020
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week-2020(27th October to 2nd November, 2020) CEO/Admin/Vlg./118/04/2019/48507-46 Notification 27/10/2020
Forwarding of List of political parties and election symbols-reg. F.CEO/COE/102(39)/102(39)/2019/67627-49 Notification 14/11/2019
The Commission's Amendment Notification No. 56/2019/PPS-III dated 25th September, 2019- Reg. F.CEO/COE/102(39)/2019/63108-19 Notification 23/10/2019
Commission's Notification No.434/ECI/DEL-HP/2019(1) regarding appointment of AROs for Parliamentary Constituencies in NCT of Delhi- Publication in Gazette-reg. CEO/COE/102(21)/2019/9728-33 Notification 27/02/2019
General Election to the Legislative Assembly, 2015 of NCT of from 14- Shalimar Bagh Assembly Constituency - Removal of Disqualification Order- Reg. F.CEO/COE/102(95)/Re-publish/2018/35308-28 Notification 10/12/2018
Commission's Amendment Notification No. 56/2018 (II)/PPS-III dated 15-10-2018-Republication in Delhi Gazette. F.CEO/COE/102(74)/2018/32916-36 Notification 20/11/2018
Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week - 2008 CEO/Admn/Vig./DOV-Ref./08/30825-60 Notification 29/10/2018
Regarding:Appointment of Chief Electoral Officer, NCT of Delhi Notification No. 154/DL/2018-P.Admn, dated 20 th May , 2018 F.CEO/COE/102(2)/2018/19348-79 Notification 23/07/2018
Regarding: Commission’s Amendment Notification No. 56/2018 (1)/PPS-III, dated 20th June, 2018 CEO/COE/102(74)/2018/17635-667 Notification 05/07/2018
Regarding: Commission’s Notification No. 100/ECI/ORD/TER/NOR-II/DEL/2017(1)dated 07-06-2018 CEO/DOE/EEM/102(49)/2017/17630-634 Notification 05/07/2018
Regarding: Commission’s Notification No. 56/2018/PPS-III dated 13-04-2018 F.CEO/COE/102(74)/2018/13646-652 Notification 17/05/2018
Biennial Elections to the Council of States from NCT of Delhi-2018 Biennial Elections to the Council of States from NCT of Delhi-2018 Notification 02/01/2018
Commission's Amendament Notification No.56/2017/PPS-III dated 18-10-2017 regarding political parties and symbols. CEO/COE/102(3)/2017/38436-62 Notification 15/11/2017
ECI Notification regarding extension of date for filing claims and Objections in Special Summary Revision of electoral rolls-2018. CEO/COE/102(68)/2017/38015-35 Notification 14/11/2017
Notification of 21-D published in Delhi Gazette CEO/COE/102(53)/2017 29369-77 Notification 30/08/2017
Bye Election to AC-07(Bawana ) AC- Publication of Notification regarding Use of EVM and VVPAT No. CEO/COE/102(40)/2017/28580 Notification 21/08/2017
Bye Election to AC-7 (Bawana-SC)- Identification of electors- Gazette. CEO/COE/102(40)/2017/28497-28501 Notification 19/08/2017
Bye-Elections to 07-Bawana(SC) AC-List of contesting candidates in Delhi Gazette-reg CEO/COE/120(53)/2017/27587 Notification 10/08/2017
Bye-Elections to 07-Bawana(SC) AC-Commission's Notification regarding Exit Poll CEO/COE/102(48)/2017/27828-36 Notification 10/08/2017
Notification Regarding ARO 434/DL-LA/2003(1) Notification 18/06/2008
Presidential Election -2017- Notification reg intention to vote-Gazette-reg. CEO/COE/102(33)/2017/24289-93 Notification 18/07/2017
Notification dated 04-07-2017regarding counting of votes for presidential Election 2017 No.CEO/COE/102(33)/VP/2017/23823 Notification 13/07/2017
Notification dated 01-07-2017 containig List of contesting candidates in Form -5 for presidential Election 2017 No.CEO/COE/102(33)/VP/2017/23823 Notification 13/07/2017
Notification dated 12-06-2017 regarding appointment of RO and AROs for presidential Election 2017 No.CEO/COE/102(33)/VP/2017/23823 Notification 13/07/2017
Program Notification dated 04-07-2017 issued by ECI and Public Notice dated 04-07-2017 issued by RO for Vice-Presidential Elction,2017. No.CEO/COE/102(34)/VP/2017/23822 Notification 13/07/2017
Notification dated 01-07-2017 regarding appointment of RO and AROs for Vice- presidential Election,2017. CEO/COE/102(34)/VP/2017/23822 Notification 13/07/2017
Notification regarding vacancy in Delhi Legislative Assembly-reg NO.CEO/EL.G/102(3)/2009/14851-54 Notification 13/04/2017
Bye Election to AC-27- Issue of Notification regarding Observance of 'Dry Days' F.NO. CEO/COE/102(20)/2017/14335-42 Notification 06/04/2017
Notification regarding vacancy in Delhi Legislative Assembly No.CEO/EL.G/102(3)/2009/5368_84 Notification 08/02/2017
Appointment of EROs for 70 ACs 429/DL-LA/2015(1) Notification 01/06/2015
Appointment of DEOs of 11 Districts No.508/DL/2015 Notification 01/06/2015
ECI's Amendment Notification No. 56/2015(III)/PPs-III,dated 12th March 2016. CEO/COE/102(2)/2016/13000-01 Notification 18/05/2016
Commission's Corrigendum No.56/2015/PPs-II dated 09-11-2015 No.CEO/CEO/102(2)/2014/Vol.II/Pt.File/1114-15 Notification 21/01/2016
Commission's Amendment Notification no.56/2015(1)/PPs-III dated 4th June,2015 regarding political parties and symbols. No.CEO/CEO/102(61)/2014 57298-99 Notification 21/01/2016
Commission's Amendment Notification no.56/2015(II)/PPS-III dated 15th September,2015 regarding political parties and symbols. No.CEO/CEO/102(2)/2014/Vol.II/1112-13 Notification 21/01/2016
National Media Award 2015 491/Media Award/2015(Communication) Notification 23/10/2015
Printing of photographs of the candidates on the postal ballot papers,the ordinary ballot papers in the ballot papers to be displayed on the balloting unit of EVMs-Forwarding of the Commission's Direction. CEO/COE/102(12)/2015 Notification 13/07/2015
Appointment/Replacement of Electoral Registration Officers, Assembly Constituencies of NCT of Delhi-reg CEO/COE/102(69)/2013/28880-82 Notification 31/03/2015
Commission's Notification No.56/Symbol/2014/PPS-II dated 13 th october,2014 regarding Election Symbols CEO/COE/102(2)/Vol.II/28741-42 Notification 06/04/2015
Commission's Amendment Notification No.56/2014/PPS-II dated 3rd November,2014 regarding Political Parties and Symbols CEO/COE/102(2)/Vol.II/28741-42 Notification 06/04/2015
Dry Day Notification for General Election to Lok Sabha 2014 FN.10(56)/Ex/IMFL/96.97/55-67 Notification 04/04/2014
Appointment of ARO for General Election to Lok Sabha - 2014 No.434/DL-HP/2014(1) Notification 06/03/2014
Schedule of the General Election to Legislative Assemblies F.CEO/coe/102(88)/2013/60847 Notification 19/11/2013
Use of Electorals Photo Identity Card for Electors F.No.CEO/COE/102(35)/2013/67308 Notification 19/11/2013